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Hydraulic quantities mesurements

Hydraulic quantities measurements

Hydraulic measurements are important part of Hydro generator monitoring. Turbine is responsible for energy transformation and turbine efficiency and stability is of great importance for machine longevity.

Turbine instability is manifested in low frequency vibrations which result in great energy being transferred to machine parts. This low frequency vibrations can result in large deflections in radial and axial direction as well as torsional vibrations.

Francis turbines experience a Rough Load Zone which needs to be avoided during operation. Kaplan turbines can have high energy pressure pulsations and blade to rotor rub can occur.

Hydraulic quantities mesurements
  • Faults and conditions detected

  • Rough Load Zone detection and mapping / Francis

  • Cavitation/Francis, Kaplan

  • Low head

  • Pressure pulsations

  • Typical configuration

  • Various measurements (pressure, flow, cavitation, Turbine cover vibrations)

  • CoDiS RT device with various measurements

  • CoDiS DM – on-line and off-line diagnostic software

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