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Electrical transient and Power quality


"CoDiS TR”, „Electrical Transient Recorder” continuously acquires all the significant signals for behavior monitoring of the target object when transient in the electrical signals (generator currents) occurs.

Post process analysis tools are included as part of CoDiS DM diagnostic software package (Spectrum, Power analysis, Vibration response due to electrical faults).

CoDiS TR system provides fast electrical transient recording for generator (motor), block transformer, switchgear and grid as well as permanent electrical quantities vector monitoring (PQ). The system includes recorded transient waveforms analysis toolbox.

CoDiS TR Electrical Transient Recorder scheme
CoDiS TR - Electrical Transient Recorder
CoDiS TR - Electrical Transient Recorder scheme
  • codis tr tasks

  • Performs real time analysis of trigger conditions

  • Triggers event recording and notification

  • Sends signal waveforms to Server for Power Quality analysis

  • Receives the orders from the server (user created event recording, configuration and setup etc.)

  • Time synchronization

  • Standard data analysis tools

  • Electrical Transient recording with vibration signals in addition

  • Power quality

  • Generator load angle

  • Torsion magnetic field stiffness

  • Standard configuration

  • 16 AI ch

  • 32 AI ch

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