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Veski d.o.o. was established in Zagreb. Our field of expertise is vibration and machine condition monitoring and diagnostics, data interpretation and analysis as well as consulting services in measurement and signal processing.


With our CoDiS system and Veski expert support customers will have all their questions answered.
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We are one of the leading companies in the field of machine diagnostics and vibration measurements. Our services include signal analysis, design, manufacturing and installation of in-house solutions for machine condition monitoring and protection.

Partners, projects & research

Active cooperative agreements on scientific projects

Continuous cooperation on projects with leading universities such as:

Active members of scientific communities

Our engineers are active members of several organizations across the industry:

Proud member of Intelligent Energy Cluster

Veski is one of the founders and proud member of largest croatian cluster in field of green energy:


Our company has received numerous prizes in the field of technical equipment development and innovations.

inpex veski reward


Gold medal
VelAcc 100 - Vibration acceleration and velocity sensor
Pittsburgh 1998.

eureka veski reward


Gold medal
The kinematics monitoring system
on oil extraction pumps in INA
Bruxelles 1995.

hrvoje požar veski reward


Croatian energy society
Annual reward:
Company work and CoDiS system
Zagreb 2000.

inova veski reward


Bronze medal
VPC 1000 - Remote valve positioning system
Zagreb 2008.

arca veski reward


Silver medal
Sustav CoDiS 2nd gen. On-line Machine Condition Monitoring system
Zagreb 2005.

inst veski reward


Bronze medal
CoDiS TR Electric Transient Recorder
Taipei, Taiwan 2009.

Knowledge, experience & creativity

The combination of knowledge, experience and creativity enables us to offer many technical solutions and adjust our products to fully meet the requirements of our clients.

Contact us

Veski d.o.o.
OIB: 99424992262
Adresa: Oreškovićeva 8j
Sjedište: Horvatovac 81
Zagreb, Croatia
CEO: Ozren Orešković

Zagrebačka banka d.d.
Trg bana Josipa Jelačića 10
HR-10000 Zagreb
IBAN: HR0623600001102938956

Sudski Registar
Trgovačkog suda u Zagrebu

MB: 3497569
MBS: 080210087
Temeljni kapital: 144.000,00kn

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