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On-Line Analysis and Diagnostic Software


"CoDiS DM" is diagnostic platform and is used to create history database of all measured values and created events.

The system creates a database of each measured signal continuously while in operation constantly obtaining data from all CoDiS unit. Diagnostic monitoring module CoDiS DM is used for predictive maintenance, to detect permanent changes in machine performance and to track the condition changes in early phase.

Diagnostic monitoring provides continuous on-line data analysis, database recording and is responsible for data distribution to client users. Each event is archived and user has capability to track all the changes and apply diagnostic tools to extract the essential information and highlight the problem.

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CoDiS DM On-line diagnostic software scheme
CoDiS DM - On-line diagnostic software scheme
  • CoDiS DM tasks

  • Receives the Condition Vectors from CoDiS modules and performs history data storage and event recording in MySQL database

  • Evaluates the operating conditions and stores the data accordingly

  • Receives Alarm notification from CoDiS modules

  • Communicates with SCADA or DCS via OPC

  • Performs the time synchronization of CoDiS modules

  • Standard data analysis tools

  • Bode plot, Nyquist plot

  • 2D and 3D orbit analysis

  • 2D and 3D shaft centerline

  • Run Out Compensation

  • Air Gap polar plot and stator geometry

  • Magnetic field pole profile

  • FFT spectrum, CPB spectrum

  • Waterfall spectrum

  • Expert data analysis tools

  • Critical speed identification

  • Statistical analysis of machine operation

  • Torsion vibrations identification

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