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Machine condition veski

Machine condition measurements & diagnostics

    Veski offers premium quality machine diagnostics

  • Onsite measurements (data collection); vibrations, air gap, magnetic flux

  • Preliminary report – on site machine condition assessment

  • Detailed machine condition report with recommendations for repairs

  • On site balancing

Root cause veski

Root cause analysis
& problem solving

    We can help in machine health assessment and repair process

  • Root cause analysis

  • Solution proposal

  • Assistance in problem solving

Onsite instalation veski

Onsite services

    Veski offers installation, installation supervision and commissioning services for various types of sensors and instruments

  • Sensor and instrument installation (supervision) and wiring

  • Software installation and setup

  • Communication setup

  • Alarm setup

Math simulations and modeling veski

Math simulations
& modeling

    Our engineering team is capable of simulating your machine problems and set a footprint for condition monitoring

  • Machine dynamics modeling

  • Simulation of various faults and conditions

  • Machine stiffness and critical speed identification (based on real vibration measurements in combination with machine model)

Custom tailored measurement veski

Custom tailored Test
& Measurement

    Our team has successfully deployed custom tailored Test and Measurement stands for various factories and test labs.

  • Project and system design

  • Acquisition assembly of all necessary components (sensors, signal conditioning)

  • Design of software custom tailored to customer needs

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    Veski team of experts can offer a comprehensive training as a part of our Veski Monitoring Academy program

  • For more details – Academy

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