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Real Time protection

On-line monitoring and protection

CoDiS RT is on-line monitoring and protection instrument for rotating machinery.

CoDiS RT instrument runs continuously and is based on CompactRIO processing with Real time OS environment. The RT module is responsible to calculate, in real time, all essential parameters and set the alarm and warning conditions for protective purposes. This module runs 24/7 and is a base of CoDiS monitoring system.

CoDiS RT also exchanges data with DCS or SCADA using standard industrial protocols (Modbus, Profibus).

codis RT - Real Time protection
CoDiS RT - Real Time protection
codis rt scheme
CoDiS RT - Real Time protection scheme
  • codis rt tasks

  • Analyzes different operating conditions (i.e Stop, Run Up, Normal operation, User defined condition)

  • Continuously calculates condition vector elements from acquired signals

  • Triggers relay and alarm notifications

  • Sends signal waveforms to the Server

  • Communicates with SCADA or DCS

  • Receives the orders from the server (user created event recording, configuration and setup etc.)

  • Time synchronization

  • Standard configuration

  • 8 AI ch / 4 Relay ch

  • 16 AI ch / 4 Relay ch

  • 32 AI ch / 8 Relay ch

  • 48 AI ch / 8 Relay ch

  • Other modules and configurations availabe (e.g 4/8/16 AO)

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