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Veski monitoring academy


Veski Monitoring Academy is a program to help our customers and all interested engineers improve both their understanding as well as the use of the data analysis process and machine behavior in Machine Condition Monitoring.


Data analysis, data interpretation and estimates of Machine Condition often seem like a very complicated task.

Extracting this valuable information from the measurement data is perceived as an impossible task - and end users often do not have the adequate training required to effectively master the data analysis software and data interpretation.


The Monitoring Academy Program is specially designed to help engineers master the process of analysis.

The Program is organized as a learning platform, by sharing the application notes and case studies based on end user experiences from various plants and including a wide range of problems. Certain patterns can be identified in the problem occurring on rotating machines requiring of course, proper tools and a proper understanding of the entire evaluation process.

Learn more by reading our Application notes and Case studies.

More details on Veski Monitoring Academy program.

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