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Absolute bearing vibrations

Absolute vibrations Absolute bearing vibrations

Guide bearings task is to ensure stable dynamic and static behaviour of the rotor in all operating conditions. Therefore monitoring the forces applied on bearing through the oil film is very important for bearing health tracking. Bearing stiffness, support and seals can deteriorate in exploitation. This measurements are best suited in combination with Relative Shaft vibrations.

Absolute bearing Vibration measurements are conducted using accelerometers or velocity meters positioned in two perpendicular directions.

On thrust bearings sensors can be placed in axial direction to monitor the load on axial bearing.

absolute bearing vibrations
  • Faults and conditions detected

  • Rotor dynamics problems (mechanical, electrical, hydraulic unballance)

  • Bearing stiffness problems

  • Bearing support problems

  • Shaft to bearing rub

  • Typical configuration

  • 2 accelerometers or velocity meters in perpendicular direction in each guide bearing planes (typically 4-10 sensors per unit)

  • CoDiS RT – on-line monitoring and protection instrument

  • CoDiS RT – on-line monitoring and protection instrument

  • CoDiS DM – on-line and off-line diagnostic software

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