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Wireless Rotor Monitoring System

Rotor mounted system

„CoDiS RM”, Rotor monitoring unit, is wireless diagnostic monitoring of quantities measured directly on the rotor of hydro generator. This is unique solution for monitoring of rotor quantities using wireless technology to autonomously acquire and analyze data in rotation. CoDiS RM is used to monitor temperature of rotor pole windings, excitation current and voltage, magnetic field and even air gap (used to obtain the real stator geometry by using only one sensor).

CoDiS RM Rotor mounted monitorng system scheme
CoDiS RM - Rotor mounted monitorng system
CoDiS RM - Rotor mounted monitorng system scheme
  • CoDiS RM tasks

  • Performs real time measurements and analysis remotely

  • Sends the data through wireless communication to server

  • Sends signal waveforms to Server for event storage

  • Receives the orders from the server (user created event recording, configuration and setup etc.)

  • Time synchronization

  • Standard data analysis tools

  • Rotor temperature monitoring (thermal map)

  • Excitation current and voltage

  • Rectifier diode failure

  • Rotor insulation resistance

  • Air Gap and magnetic field

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