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VESKi Oceania


VESKi Oceania is a WA based and run company and is a branch office of VESKi Ltd for the Oceanic Region.

VESKi Ltd is a company with more than 25 years of tradition and experience in condition monitoring and vibration expert systems and design. VESKi Ltd has a well-established worldwide reputation within this critical and niche engineering domain.

VESKi Ltd has a proven track record of several successfully completed projects within the Oceanic Region.

VESKi Oceania was founded in Australia by business partners Robert Butina and Rod Wakefield, under the guidance and tutelage of VESKi Ltd Directors, Management and Staff.

Download VESKi Oceania Capability Statement.


The VESKi brand is already well known in the Oceanic Region as we have already successfully implemented several projects. Our goal is to further expand our business in the region.

With new office in Australia, we are accelerating our growth in engineering, professional services and customer support. Our decision to expand our presence in the Oceanic Region is a significant contribution to VESKi’s operational excellence. We also share a deep understanding of the Region’s market and industries, local market trends and have the necessary capability to successfully implement new projects, drive growth and establish new long-term relationships in the Region.


Based on a “solutions only” approach, we provide our clients with well thought-out solutions, not excuses. Thanks to the proven benefits of our all-in- one condition monitoring and predictive maintenance solution, our clients can detect problems early and plan for maintenance before expensive and critical damage occurs.

What we do?

This is what we do – by solving engineering challenges across a broad range of industries and empowering you to run your business better. This entails recommending you optimal solutions for your needs.

What we offer?

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We offer you premium data monitoring, signal analysis and interpretation. By having all this data in single unit – CoDiS, we offer our clients root cause analysis & problem solving.

Finally, we also provide training so our clients not only know what, but also the why! With this approach, our clients and your staff are equipped with a solid understanding that enables them to make the right decisions.


Robert Butina is the Technical Director and Co-founder of VESKi Oceania. He is highly skilled in Microsoft Certified Technology. He has more than 10 years IT experience as well as successfully implementing numerous IT projects in Europe. He personally knows the Directors of VESKi Ltd and is a long-time associate of VESKi Ltd in Croatia. Robert's Linkedin profile

Rod Wakefield is the Development Director and Co-founder of VESKi Oceania. He is a highly experienced and innovative Business Strategist and Marketing Expert with over 20 years’ experience in the industrial sectors. Rod has spent over 12 years within the Mining sector in WA and he has years of management experience. Rod's Linkedin profile


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